If you know what a Goldendoodle is, then you probably know that there are two main sizes of this breed of dog: the medium-sized one wherein one of the original breeds in which it originated from, the Golden Retriever, has had the dominance of genes within the dog; and the  miniature Goldendoodle  wherein the Golden Retriever was bread with a toy Poodle, or a miniature Poodle. These pint-sized Goldendoodles have become more of the toy Poodles their parents were, rather than the athletic, outgoing medium-sized ones. They have become more popular now, especially with individuals living in single apartments or condominium settings, without those big open spaces wherein the medium-sized ones are free to roam about.

The  miniature Goldendoodle  has become more and more popular, since an increasing number of people who live in places without yards or lawns to have their dogs run about is still highly increasing by the day. They are perfect for just carrying around, since they were bred for exactly that purposeto be small enough to be carried around.

These mini Goldendoodles are loved because they were bred from two of the best family dogs around, the Golden Retrieve and the Toy, miniature Poodle. They are loved more particularly because they have retained the natural sweetness and the lovability of the Golden Retriever, in a smaller, more compact body which it got from the Toy Poodle. There might be no better family dog when it comes to a high-rise home setting.

These dogs, usually weighing at about 30 to 45 pounds, and varying at almost any color from black, to white, to golden yellow, to even brown or red, are highly demanded by buyers from all over. They make amazing toy dogs, and even more amazing house dogs. Their utter cuteness and overall lovability make them requested breeds. These dogs, however, suffer from genetic health problems, which would prove to be one of the relatively few minor setbacks to owning this adorable dog.

A  miniature Goldendoodle  may inherit the common health problems its father breed, the Golden Retriever might have, such as hip dysplasia. It is precisely for this reason that you must pick or get the first generation of these miniature dogs, in other words, a puppy of a purebred Golden Retriever and a Purebred miniature Poodle in order to avoid as much as possible, these potential health problems. To be absolutely sure, however, always check with your veterinarian.

The  miniature Goldendoodle  makes itself known as one of the premier toy dogs around. You better search for some quick from top quality Goldendoodle breeders if you want to get your hands on a purebred Goldendoodle. Since they are highly popular, as said, they might cost you quite a bit of significant money, but it is more than worth it for these amazing dogs. The  miniature Goldendoodle  is a dog that was made to be the dog of the family in the future. Watch out purebreds, the Goldendoodle is coming to town and it means business. Woof!