The Goldendoodles is a cross breed between a Poodle and Golden Retriever. Since it isn’t exactly purebred, it is sometimes called a designer dog since it is a result of mixed breeding. Because of its uniqueness, it has somehow became popular among pet owners.

Through the years, it has proven that it makes a great family dog. They will show love and affection towards their owners and would enjoy spending lots of time with them. They are also gentle that’s why they can be around kids and other people. They are really social dogs, which is why they get along with almost all kinds of people, however, socialization is something that should also be trained since they can also be shy at first. But once they get out of their shell, they already find it easy to play and interact with people. Aside from putting smiles on peoples faces, they also provide some service since they are very flexible working dogs. They can be guide dogs, therapy dogs, or even sniffer dogs where they are tasked to sniff food to tell if it has content that can be allergic to their owner.

They are good at many things, although being a guard dog is not their forte. The reason for this is that Goldendoodles likes having people around. Being in contact with those people that are important to them is what makes them happy. Usually, Goldendoodles would thrive more when they in a place that has enough space. Because of this, it may not be suited for those who live in apartments. When they are able to roam around in a fenced yard, they become more enthusiastic.

Goldendoodles can be trained easily. Actually, since they don’t really exhibit aggressive behavior, its easier for owners to teach them good manners and basic tricks. They are also intelligent dogs so they can learn fast from obedience training.


There are are two types of Goldendoodles based on their generation. An F1 or first generation dog is a Goldendoodle with a standard size. It is the result of breeding a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Usually, this type of dog doesn’t shed that much or don’t shed at all that’s why they can be with families who have some mild allergies.

The second type is called the F1b or the backcross. This is produced when a breeder cross a Poodle with an F1 Goldendoodle. These kinds of dogs are most likely not to shed, which is why they can be compatible for those families that have moderate or severe allergies.

There are a few breeders who are trying to come up with F2 or the second generation Goldendoodles. These are dogs that are a product of cross breeding two Goldendoodles.


A Goldendoodlehas many positive attributes, and some of those are the following:

  • social
  • friendly
  • happy
  • smart
  • obedient
  • loyal
  • devoted
  • highly trainable
  • adaptable
  • versatile
  • caring
  • playful


The Goldendoodles areknown as one of the latest poodle or doodle mixed breeds. The breeding all started during the 1990s in North America and Australia, right after cross breeds gained popularity, such as the Labradoodles and the Cockapoos. They say that the reason why breeders started to create this type of dog is so that there can be a larger doodle that only sheds lightly, and at the same time, a doodle that is very friendly and also intelligent, which are some of the known traits of a Golden Retriever.

People believe that the use of the term Goldendoodlestarted when it was used by a Neelands family in the States back in 1992. Passerbys first thought that their dog was a Labradoodle, but the owners said that is was a Goldendoodle. From then on, other families started calling it as such.

Since it is still somehow a new cross breed, most puppies are a product of first generation or F1 breeding. It is rare to see a dog which is a combination of two Goldendoodles. Most are bred between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever.


In general, these dogs can be good companions for families. Even those families will children will enjoy having this dog around because of their friendly and loving nature. To prevent them from getting into some kind of mischief, it is advisable that they spend quality time with their owners and get an ample amount of exercise.

The size of these dogs varies. There are basically 3 sizes, and those are the standard, medium, and then the miniature. The size of the dog would depend on its parents. The standard size is around 45 lbs, the medium is about 30 to 45 lbs, while the miniature ones are between 15 to 30 lbs. Keep in mind though that some puppies tend to grow bigger or smaller than the projected size.

No matter their size bracket they belong, they are gentle dogs that can be a good addition to a family. They can bring happiness to a home for along time since it can live for up to 15 years.