Is there a more intelligent, a more loveable, and an overall better breed of dog than the Goldendoodle? Bred as a mix of two of the most (actually in the top five) famous family dogs around, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, the Goldendoodle was a breed that was created to have the intelligence and lack of hair shedding of the Poodle, and the intelligence even more of the Golden Retriever and its natural affinity with humans. Since the Goldendoodle was from two of the top five most trainable dogs in the world, it will come to no surprise that this breed of dog is on that is fairly easy to train;Goldendoodle trainingis a very simple art.

Goldendoodle trainingstarts out like any other training which dogs are to be taught by their owners. There is of course, the most basic such as obedience training, and then you have house or potty training which is highly vital to Goldendoodles, since they are dogs designed to stay inside the house; they are perfect house dogs.

Obedience training of Goldendoodles is just like that of any other breed of dog. Since Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and are very easy to train, training them to obey your commands such as STOP! or Sit! should not be a particularly difficult challenge. It should noted, however, that even a breed of dog as highly trainable as the Goldendoodle will not be highly trainable for as long as it lives. Just as the old saying goes: You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, you cannot train an old-aged Goldendoodle to obey you. You must teach it during the 4 or 5 month age time frame, for these are the months where the dog is most formative and teachable.

Goldeddoodle trainingwith regards to obedience always makes use of one liners, or single words which the dog would easily associate the corresponding action with. Words like stop, go, no, out, stand, sit, down, and other imperative actions, followed immediately by the action which you want the dog to do with when that word is said should be instilled in the dog during the formative months. Use these words while saying them in a calm, yet assertive manner, to let the dog know that you are its master. This will make the dog submit wholeheartedly and obey you, the Alphas requests and commands.

Another must inGoldendoodle trainingis probably the most difficult and most time-consuming process you will go through with your dog; but once they are trained, it will all be worth itpotty training.

Always start out at around the formative months again, and bring the dog outside or to the place where you would want it to always do its business on, after its every meal. Wait for it to do its business, and never make it go anywhere else but that spot. Tell them no whenever they attempt, or succeed in doing their business in the undesignated area, and let them know that place is not where they should go potty. Do this every single day for about a month or so, and you will have become one step closer in the overallGoldendoodle training.