For most people, getting a Goldendoodle for a pet means traveling down the pet shop and buying the cutest one of them all or the one that reaches up when you call its attention. But why not adopt a  Goldendoodle rescue?

People have the common misconception that rescue dogs are dirty and filthy, disease ridden, and worse of all, unwanted. But that is not at all true. Rescue dogs are just like the dogs you see being sold in pet shops, and maybe even better.

A  Goldendoodle rescue  could actually be the one that you are looking for. Why? This is because when you get a dog from the pet store, you still have to contend with a lot of its behaviors that can be a bit annoying, behaviors such as unquenchable curiosity that can lead to destruction of furniture and objects, and of course, teething.

But when you adopt a Goldendoodle rescue, you have the benefit of it already being trained. This means you wont have to spend countless hours trying to supervise your dog because it already knows what it should and should not do. Also, a trained dog means that it can be taught easier and faster, so whether it is just basic obedience or complicated tricks, the Goldendoodle can learn it better.

And consider this: when you buy a pup from a pet store, you will still have to second-guess yourself when it comes to the behavior and the personality of the dog.

Not with a  Goldendoodle rescue . This is because the odds are, the Goldendoodle rescue  already has a solid personality that you can work with, and in addition, most shelters can provide you with information and material regarding the rescue dog, this means you know what you are getting right from the get go. Imagine the time and effort youll be saving yourself from.

And if you still think that adopting a  Goldendoodle rescue  or any other breed of rescue dog is unpopular, just think of the many celebrities who have a rescued dog. Celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, George Clooney, and Sharon Osbourne are all living happily with their rescue dogs.

And perhaps the best reason to adopt a  Goldendoodle rescue  is the fact that you are actually saving a life. Rescue dogs often become the way they are because people dont have time to take care of them, not because they were behaving badly or were down with an illness.

Also, adopting a  Goldendoodle rescue  is better because it has been proven that dogs who have a second chance with a family gets to bond with them faster and closer so you will really end up with someone who adores you.