What do you get when you cross a poodle with a golden retriever? A Goldendoodle! It might sound farfetched, but there really is an animal that is called a Goldendoodle. It is a dog that was made by mixing two other breeds of dog, one being the poodle and the other the golden retriever. They are often referred to as Goldie Poos, Groodles or Golden Poos. The cross was made by golden retriever breeders because they wanted the success poodles have in filling in small families that are prone to allergies as pets poodles are light to non-shedders at best. They devised a plan to breed poodles with golden retrievers in order to have a pet that fits a larger family.

That being said, Goldendoodles are considered to be very intelligent dogs, coming from their parents, the golden retriever and the poodle, both of which are considered to be on the top five smartest dogs in the world. They make for excellent family dogs due to their loyalty, attachment and overall friendly nature these dogs just plain love people and their goofy, clown-like behavior is only matched by their innate charisma! Always eager to please, these dogs revel in socializing with people and are found to be happiest when they are around people. If left alone, they have a tendency to develop some behavioral problems. Inherently curious as well, these dogs are also quick learners and would often pick up commands on a whim, so long as the owners are diligent and consistent in training them. Contrary to its name, or at least the reputation of poodles, goldendoodles are generally low maintenance dogs the usual walks are still prescribed in order to keep the dog from going overweight, and they are not heavy shedders as well.

 Since goldendoodles are not purebred dogs, there has been a special way of classifying their generations F1 goldendoodles produce goldendoodle puppies whose parents are a golden retriever and a poodle (50:50); F1b goldendoodles have litterwhose parents are an F1 goldendoodle and a poodle (25:75); F2 goldendoodles produce goldendoodle puppies whose parents are both goldendoodles; F3 goldendoodles have offspringwhose parents are both F2 goldendoodles. With this system, studies have calculated that in order to have a purebred goldendoodle, one has to breed goldendoodles for 7 generations. Among the generations, the F1 is said to be the healthiest, since goldendoodle puppies of this lineage exhibit hybrid vigor breeding two unrelated purebred lines tend to produce offspring that are generally healthier than both their parent lines. When picking goldendoodle puppies, it is important to know what generation the dog is so that one can get the healthiest puppies. This means checking the breeders for certification of their goldendoodles lineage which will surely reflect on the quality of goldendoodle puppies they would have.

The goldendoodle truly is a unique dog to have as a pet. And much like its name, one can expect to have oodles of fun with this goofy, zany and adorably lovable dog!