The black Goldendoodle is a product of mixed breeding thats why it looks like a combination of a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Ever since the 1990s, they have become well-loved family pets. They are very friendly and are good with children, which is why they have been considered as part of peoples homes.

The size of a black Goldendoodle varies, depending on their parents. The standard black Goldenpoodle is usually medium or large because it came from the Standard Poodle that is known as probably the largest among the breed of poodles. On the other hand, there are small dogs or known as Mini Goldenpoodles with a Toy Poodle as parent. But even if they have a small size lineage, they can still grow larger than its parent. In fact, their size may be somehow unpredictable. However, the average size of this dog breed is 13 to 21 inches for both male and female Mini Goldendoddles. While the standard ones are around 20 to 22 inches for females and 21 to 24 inches for males.

Majority of this dog breed are black, which is why a black Goldendoodle can be bought at a lower price. People would need to pay more if they opt for a Gold Goldendoodle. But there are also other colors like gray and brown.

The coat of a black Goldendoddle is soft and full. It can also grow up to 8 inches long. But the coat, just like its size can be quite unpredictable. Some have shorter Retriever shag while others have a Poodle curl. And there are those dogs that are in between those two styles. Grooming the coat of this dog is done frequently since they only need to be brushed around twice a week for those who have more hair. While shorter-haired dogs will only require brushing twice in a month.

These dogs also need some sort of exercise to prevent them from being too mischievous. A playful game or a long walk everyday is enough to keep them in a good mood. Also, some time play time with their owners is advisable so that they will feel companionship and will be less likely to be lonely. Developing their social nature is definitely a good way to bring up these dogs.

Just like Poodles and Golden Retrievers, these dogs are very obedient and intelligent, thats why their owners can easily train them. They are also very social so they can get along with strangers and other dogs in a neighborhood. Whether they are in a city or country environment, they can be very comfortable with it as long they are with loving and responsible owners.